Welcome to De Stokland

A good atmosphere and safety for everyone are important to us. Children enjoy going to school, teachers enjoy working and parents enjoy helping and feeling involved wherever possible and necessary.
Welcome to the website of De Stokland! Our school is a village school with an open and friendly climate with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team that, together with our students, wants to get the best out of ourselves. We offer customized education to children aged 4 to 12 in a safe learning environment.   We notice that many children benefit from structure, tranquility, regularity and clear agreements.

We offer this to our students, so that everyone knows in advance what we expect from each other. Open communication is important for us. Pupils practice at our school in the "small society" how you can interact with each other, out of mutual respect, to be able to use this as a skill later in society. 

To contact the school you can fill in this form or call us: 0499-490388
 Finding out what you are good at and then doing that is the key to happiness.